When You Never Got to Say Goodbye

by Death of a Poet

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This song is dedicated to Eric Gentry of A Feast for Kings.


It's a flatline
On the faultline
But does the fault lie
Within everyone

When you left us
Did you find Grace
It sure hasn't found me
Here now alone

And now that I know
That you're at peace
At rest
Now there's nothing left
And I'm restless

So I'm saying goodbye
For one last time
It's a chapter that was never finished
An epilogue
Never started

I'm finding anger instead
I'm loathing all the hatred
I'm going back to the start
I'm going back to the start

Why is this not what they said it would be
Why's this not a happy ending

So I've said my goodbye
For the final time
The book is closed
Empty pages burned
It's the ending

Not Yet

I'll seek out my vengence
On He who had neglected
I'll cast every sail
Just to drown every man
For I am rejected
For I am abandoned
For I am corrupted
For I am all our hatred

No more
No more

And as the sun sets
I look forward to seeing it rise
Even without you
By our side
There's no need for goodbyes
We'll create a world for you to come back to
Where we can all
React without regret


released November 10, 2014




Death of a Poet Cincinnati, Ohio

Formed in 2010, Death of a Poet began their relentless assault on Cincinnati and is now comprised of 6 band members who are dedicated to creating and playing the most melodic, yet utterly brutal music for fans all over the world to sink their teeth into. Death of a Poet released their EP "The Life And..." in 2012 and their debut full length "You Have Nothing to Lose but the World to Gain" in 2013. ... more

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