You Have Nothing to Lose but the World to Gain

by Death of a Poet

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released April 9, 2013

Recorded at Third Eye Studios |
Album art by Shifted Designs |



all rights reserved


Death of a Poet Cincinnati, Ohio

Formed in 2010, Death of a Poet began their relentless assault on Cincinnati and is now comprised of 6 band members who are dedicated to creating and playing the most melodic, yet utterly brutal music for fans all over the world to sink their teeth into. Death of a Poet released their EP "The Life And..." in 2012 and their debut full length "You Have Nothing to Lose but the World to Gain" in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: With the Heart of a Lion
With the Heart of a Lion

With the heart of a lion
I will stand by your side
With the heart of a lion
I will keep you alive
And with the grace of something beautiful
I will keep this locked inside
Track Name: Medusa

The ghost from my past is telling me
To take a path with no entry and no escape
To try to find a way out away from you
Portray my every move
Light from your eyes causes me blindness
I will always be the victim of your torture
The fathers and sons will see it after me
Nothing good comes easy
Why do you turn me to stone
Living medusa in the flesh
No recollection of the world around
To wonder and make sense of what you did
When did you become so numb
So coherent of the evils within you
When did your soul turn cold
Spoken from all the truths that you behold
All the lies and deceit you have told
Your voice is running through my head
I can’t get it out and I can’t run away
Now I stand before you a statue of a man
Tear the vocal chords from my throat
I’m tired of screaming these words
I fucking hate you, over and over again
Finally at ease the rage
Now the blood falls to my feet
And end this war in my head
Get the head of my medusa
Hold it in my hands
Violently shaken to the ground
As the pieces fall
I want to move and breathe again
And watch the stone manifest into sand
End the torture; end the history
Track Name: Artificial Accord (Feat. Dan Emmons)
Artificial Accord

I fear the worst has come
Seeing you walk away makes me feel like I’m alone
Why don’t you come back to me
And let me show you what we could be
Your voice makes me fall to my knees
And makes my whole body weak
My mind goes blank
You make me feel like I’m walking the plank
To the vultures of this world
When an angel turns fake
This world will never be the same without you
The perception of you in this room is vivid
All these feelings making me timid
Of what will happen next
I can see right through you
I've made up my mind
You’re fucking dead to me
I want you out of my life
It's so easy to see
Everything you say turns to misery
You make this so difficult
Yet it's easy to see what you are hiding behind
What you're meant to be
It can't be lost in translation
Recovered from scraps
It's not a puzzle you're making but really a map
Of your demise in the concept formed
From the light in your eyes
Can I live a normal life without you in it
I don't want to see your fucking face
Broken promises you've led me to believe
Will you ever feel the pain that I’ve achieved
Now you've felt the agony you've put me through
Over all these years
Now the time has come to bring you
To the burial ground
Track Name: Foxes

When those who take what isn’t theirs
Who will answer the cries of the defeated
Filth! Greed! Corruption! Sickness!
Plaguing this world with unending horror
I will no longer sit to watch this world rot
This is my final stand
I will not fall for anything
I refuse to turn my other cheek anymore
It is raw beyond repair
Oh God
If you can hear my prayers
Don’t let the wretched walk one more day
Am I an unrighteous man for seeking vengeance
Upon gluttonous thieves
Apologies mean nothing now
And because everything is not okay
These feet of stone will stomp you down
And when the vultures come circling
You can choke on your last toxic breath
Because I’ll finally know together we have hope
Track Name: The Long Summer
The Long Summer

You've dug this trench
You deal with the consequence
A no man’s land between pride and envy
A fate bestowed on an alliance that's broken
Your biased opinion only proves your ignorance
When these memories turn into regrets
You are creating these tragedies
Trying to take back what was said
And time will only let you pass
If you are willing to move on
If you try to change the past
Soon everything will be gone
How could we let it come to this
Now everything seems so wrong
Ask yourself, “was it worth it?”
When the Earth and the Sun have reached aphelion
Now we can see the edge of this ellipse
The memories once had are now all gone
You're burning these bridges and leaving yourself stranded
I will weave my apology right into your eulogy
I dare you to cast your judgment upon me
You are crossing behind enemy lines
Your fists are clenched and you are leaving
Everything you love behind
Pretentious fraud
You are regretting everything that you do
I will wait until you're in the ground to remember you
Track Name: Plot of the World
Plot of the World

I like to think that I’m a man
But I’m not even human anymore
This masquerade has
Turned from images into nothingness
How could I follow in the footsteps of the fallen
I’ll be the victor in this war
Among the angels and the demons
That plague this world
Send me to decimate theocracy
Cleanse this wasteland of the filth
And this hypocrisy
I won’t be the one to back away from this fight
I will rip away the army you have brought among us all
Sit back and try to drown out the screams
Of your beloved angels being annihilated
Upon this wretched earth your domain falls to me
Creatures of the otherworld will rise to yield
One common goal
To rip the flesh from the innocent
You will answer to me
For now I am your commander
We are the victors in this war
Among the angels and the demons
That plague this world
Send us to decimate theocracy
Cleanse this wasteland of the filth and this hypocrisy
Track Name: Abell 1835 (Feat. Sean Fried of empire:Andromeda)
Abell 1835

This is where it begins
Stand with me and I will make you a believer
A world divided is a world to be conquered
Step down from this pedestal that you have built for yourself
You can’t pretend that this is not your war to fight
This distance that you have created
Between those you love is closing in
The time for decisions is now
Watching the stars set on the horizon
Remembering every single reason that you live
The constellations will tell us stories
That will be heard by those who listen
You don’t need anyone
You have all you need
This power runs through your veins
All you have to do is feed on their innocence
This world could be yours
Don’t knock to gain entry
Kick down the door
Soon you’ll see what it is that makes you believe
You can’t change the past
The future is all you have
It’s not too late to change your path
Whenever you feel lost in the dark
You’re not far behind
Use the light in your heart
The path of the righteous
May be the path of the ignorant
And the ignorant can bring down nations
It will take more than a feat of strength
To move these mountains
Your faith is weak
And will crumble at my feet
A legendary truth could be born
Follow me and we can change the world
We’ve torn the pages from this book
These tales of prophecy are only make-believe
I will write this destiny
Track Name: Of Memories and Destinies
Of Memories and Destinies

No Lyrics
Track Name: Eulogy for a Memory
Eulogy for a Memory

He told me every living thing dies alone
Well I don't have to sleep
At the foot of his throne
I have tonight to make things right
I have tonight to turn back time
As long as I have you by my side
We can turn the tide
The curtains open
The world as it appears
Your life as you live it
The sky as it gleams
Your heart as it beats
This is my story
A eulogy
I've spent my whole life living in fear
Afraid that the end of the world was nearing
Am I the only one who sees these scenes
Or am I all alone in this journey
From the moment you walked into my life
I knew that you were something special
I've spent so many nights thinking
Of the memories we could have made
If only I could stay right here with you
All we’ll have are the stars to gaze upon together
But maybe in your dreams you’ll remember me
Track Name: Tomorrow (Feat. Taylor Ross and Sean Fried)

In the wake we will sing of the sorrow
Where the greatest chivalry
Is our own acknowledgement
That we don't feel a thing
And yet no one is there to listen
As we contemplate with nothing to say
Alone we have reached for the heavens
Regretting the ending written by the callous
And as we turn to each other and in the reflection
We can say we haven't learned one single thing
Living with a generation
Who does everything they can to ensure
They don't have to do anything
I've seen my heroes give in to careers of temptation
And my advisors in grace
Committed for their lack of corruption
Together we'll reach for the heavens and hope for the ending
Written by each other
And on the days I can see my reflection I can say
I haven't learned a fucking thing
Because the hardest part of living is accepting limitation
And the hardest part of dying is leaving you
And I'll sing of all our pains and joys
As everyone is there to listen with everything in the world to say
And although we are told a happy ending is just a story
I'll keep on writing until Tomorrow comes again
Because even in the death of a poet
The poetry lives on
And this I swear
Together we'll see a better Tomorrow